Campaign is about putting ourselves in animal’s paws/hooves/tentacles and think again, “If they don’t take ours, why take theirs?”

Encouraging GenZ to sell out items with which they share a situationship, and to #MakeMoneyOutOfIt
(D&AD 2023)

Introducing the UMusic Autumn’24 Celebration: a fusion of music and corporate life, where everyone’s unique contributions are celebrated. We’re calling on all Universal Music staff to join in this fun event.
(D&AD 2024)

A paradigm-shifting campaign called #SeeBeyondTheSurface for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The approach is twofold: to raise society’s vigilance and give voice to silenced experiences through untold narratives.

A Product (game), Break that helps parents and teens catch a break and reignite their conversations.
(One Show, Young Ones)