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Faces Canada is a high-quality makeup and skincare products brand.

A globally acclaimed brand, available at attractive price points, offering a comprehensive range of products that can capture any look or style, from casual chic to go-getter glamorous and everything in between. 

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Dharampal Satyapal Group

A Multi-Business Corporation and one of the leading FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) conglomerates with strong Indian and International presence.

The hard-boiled candy with a tangy twist, Pulse has become a national favorite with exceptional fruit flavors combined with a tangy core that’s driving consumers to love it.

A refreshing chewing gum that brings a wave of freshness every time.

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Orion Choco Pie is the first Choco Pie ever. Since its launch, it has been a delight and adding sweetness to the lives of many.

Moist and soft, coated with Rich Chocolate and filled with Snowy Marshmallow, instantly stirs your taste buds and is a delight to your sweet tooth. It launched many other products like rice- cracker, mango choco-pie,  Strawberry choco-pie, Choco chip cookies and Cup cakes.

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Revv an Indian based car subscription company which gives cars for rent anytime you want. Whether you’re planning a road trip outside the city or looking for a convenient way to cruise around when you’re out of town, Revv is here to ease your travel woes.